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All Studélites residences have a range of services available to residents, included or à la carte, free or paying. It is this wealth of services that illustrates all the values and spirit of Studélites: to offer everyone the best way to live in their residence !

You will find essential services, present in all residences, such as access control, reception, Internet or laundry, but also services grouped in our Stud'Club and Stud'Live offers available in a wide selection of residences (gym, sauna, Fabrick with coworking space, fooding, table soccer, ping-pong, shared library, smart TV, entertainment program, etc.).

I choose the services that are useful to me, and throughout the year I build my residence life as I want to live it !

Choose your services ! 


Studélites expresses its vision of co-living through the Stud'live service offer. This is where the extension of campus life begins.

Welcome to the FABRICK!  A unique, dedicated, multi-use and free space.
A true epicenter of the residence, this is where everything happens !
We meet, we co-work, we relax (table soccer, table tennis, big screen TV), we eat (fooding available), we feel good !

Residences animations : ask for the program !

In the residence and on the social media, you will be invited to participate in events reserved for Studélites residents whose key words are sharing, conviviality and solidarity (Welcome Day, associations' forum, resident's day, international experiences, etc.). You can also, if you wish, organize your own moments of life between residents (after-school, co-work, TV series evening, baby or ping-pong tournament) : use of your softskills guaranteed ! 

The services* Stud’Confort

See you in the cafeteria !
Bicycle room 
Essential to support the soft mobility of students
On-site residency manager
Surveillance video system
Secured residence
Secure access
Secured residence
A complete and balanced breakfast to start the day !
No more trouble to park: a place is reserved for you !


No time for cleaning ? We can take care of it !
Laundry kit
No room in your suitcase ? We provide you with bed and bathroom linen !

The services* Stud’Live

The Fabrick
This is where the campus life of your residence hall is written! 
Smart TV
For movie nights, series, or sports evenings between residents it's more fun ! 


Salty, sweet, vitaminized, you choose
Social Media
To facilitate exchanges between residents and stay in touch with the Studélites community ! 
It's campus life !  And the STUD'LIVE !
Vintage ! The real one, the Bonzini, the one of the elders !


Ping Pong
We are used to play it in the garden, well here it is in the cafeteria !

This is the shared work space between residents. 


Shared library
Culture is something to share ! 


Loan equipment 
Need a vacuum cleaner, a screwdriver or a charger?... ask us! 

The services* Stud’Club


After classes, challenge between residents, personal relaxation... 


Simply practical ! 


A must-have...


Wellness made in Sweden!

*Free or paid services and equipment, which may vary depending on the residence. 

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