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  • Multi-risk home insurance, security deposit, notice, inventory of fixtures... what is all this ?

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Your Personal Space

100% connected residence !

The customer area is not only used to make your reservation in complete confidentiality in a secure digital environment.

It's a real personal space that will be used throughout the year to simplify your relationship with your accommodation and the residence.

  1. Digital library: all documents related to your file and your accommodation are archived there.
  2. Digital gateway: exchange of information and documents (e.g. rent receipts).
  3. Online procedures: to order, report, manage my services... simple, easy and connected ! 

Housing aids 

Any tenant can benefit from housing assistance in Studélites residences, subject to resources, and subject to the situation of his or her parents, with regard to family benefits. You can therefore undoubtedly benefit from housing assistance to reduce your rental costs.

By logging on to www.caf.fr, you can estimate the amount of your housing assistance and enter your application directly online.

The amount of housing assistance depends on your taxable income and the amount of rent.

The right to housing assistance starts the month after you move in: the current month is not taken into account.

All applications must be entered online at wwwcaf.fr.

The date of the request will be taken into account for the opening of the right.

For more information:

CAF.fr simulator

By phone at +33810 25 75 10 (price of a local call from a fixe) 7 days a week - 24 hours a day. Addresses of CAF reception points at www.caf.fr 

Good to know !

The security deposit

This is an amount paid when renting a property. It is used to cover any damage caused by the tenant. This sum is cashed and will be returned at the end of the stay (after taking into account any deductions for damage).

The direct debit mandate

This is the easiest way to pay your rent. The tenant is freed from any material formality of payment and does not risk to forget a due date. The direct debit mandate is flexible because the tenant can ask for the suspension of the direct debits at any time by notifying his bank and our company.

The multi-risk home insurance

To cover himself against a possible disaster, the tenant has the obligation to contract (during all the duration of the renting contract) a multi-risk home insurance with a solvent insurance company. This document can be requested from the tenant at any time.

The inventory of fixtures

The inventory of fixtures is the "photograph" of the apartment and its equipment. It is carried out at the entrance and exit of the tenant.

The notice of departure

The tenant must give notice of departure to the landlord by registered letter with return receipt sufficiently in advance (within the legal deadline). It is strongly recommended that the tenant perform a pre-assessment of the premises with the residence manager three weeks before his departure. This facilitates the establishment of the inventory of fixtures on the day of departure. The tenant is responsible for the rent and charges during the entire period of notice. The apartment must be insured until the end of the notice period.

Beware of unforeseen circumstances

Each tenant must pay the housing tax as soon as he or she occupies the apartment on January 1 of the tax year. The amount varies from one municipality to another. The tenant must also pay the garbage collection tax.

Application fees

These include the drafting of the lease, the creation of the file, the visit to the apartment, the inventory of fixtures at the beginning and at the end of the lease. The rates are available on the "Detailed information" page of each apartment (click on "Learn more").

Housing file: documents to provide

Student applicant

  • Valid identification document
  • Student card or school certificate

Non-student applicant and guarantor

  • Valid identification document
  • Recent proof of income (e.g. last 3 pay slips)
  • Last tax notice
  • Last property tax notice or rent receipt

Non-exhaustive list: additional documents may be required depending on the situation of each applicant